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An academic is a person who works as a teacher or researcher at a university or other higher education institution. An academic usually holds an advanced degree. The term scholar is sometimes used with equivalent meaning to that of academic and describes in general those who attain mastery in a research discipline..

The list of top 100 synonyms is the most used in the IELTS test, students just need to know this vocabulary list to be able to practice Speaking and Writing a lot more flexibly. This is a rare and.

Synonyms satisfactory, fair, all right, suitable, sufficient, moderate, good enough, standard, adequate, so-so (informal), tolerable, up to scratch (informal), passable, up to the.

Synonyms for ACADEMIC: educational, intellectual, scholarly, scholastic, ivory-tower, ivory-towered, ivory-towerish, conjectural; Antonyms for ACADEMIC: nonacademic, noneducational, unacademic, unscholarly, actual, factual, real, goldbrick.

The Academic Word Finder pulls the most useful academic vocabulary words from a given text. This tool does not replace teacher judgment; rather, it helps to support the teacher and identify the most useful academic words. The Academic Word Finder produces a list of words that are uncommon enough that most students do not know them and are not.

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